Employee Care

Always trust that our employees are the foundation of our growth. Their knowledge, skill, enthusiasm have been the fountain of company's competence. We regard it as our faith and lead everyone grow together. 

We take a full consideration of our employee regarding experience, education, industry, personality, gender and so on, to help everyone excel their strength and specific contribution in career, and integrate the whole team to be professional and energetic.

With training program for our employee in different positions, we encourage our employee to help each other and grow together.

There are graduates majored in chemical or macromolecule from Sun Yat-Sen university, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou University of Technology etc. joining our team every year. To improve academic level and R & D ability, GCH draws up training plans and periodically invites experts and professors to have lectures and technical communications. Also our engineering technicians attend academic activities and industry meetings.

We always support our employee to manage work and life well. Group activity, difficult staff assistance will be held to increase centripetal force and cohesive force of our employee. 


Safety and Environmental Protection

Product for Food Contact

GCH attaches high importance to food safety, environment protection and social responsibility. Our main products have been complied with the laws and regulations related to food contact in many countries in the world.

As the first Chinese enterprise to be certified for food contact material from FDA in USA, GCH Technology Co., Ltd. ranks the first in the number of certified products nationwide. Meanwhile, our products have been widely used in food package to ensure food safety and improve people's life. 

For more detailed information on food contact regulation compliance, please contact


Manufacturing Safety

With safe production process, we persist in "Anything matters for safety production matters". Equipped with safety production monitoring system, we conduct efficient safeguard against danger, along with series of emergency precautionary measures, such as monitoring system in plant, safety protection equipment, fire-drill, training for production safety, etc.

GCH has strictly abided by laws, labor standard and commercial ethics, and try our best to do better. Periodical inspection on workplace would be conducted to ensure our employee a safe and pleasant environment. Thus, no accident happens in workplace in recent years. 

Environment Protection

Continuous improvement on production process, working on energy saving and emission reduction help us to save energy, protect environment, lower cost, as well as reduce consumption and increase efficiency during production.

Social Responsibility

We commit ourselves to be an outstanding and responsible enterprise. Aimed at "Service oriented, quality foremost", we keep modesty and innovation in mind, strive for harmonious development of enterprise, society and environment, and try best to coordinate the relation of economic benefit, ecological environment and social responsibility. With a view of sustainable development in future, GCH commits to promote fine chemical product from China to world, and initiate the development trend as green and environmental protected. 

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